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Earth Brewery

There are many secret gems tucked away in the Tweed hinterland, and Earth Beer Company is a real standout. Overlooking Mount Wollumbin, this brewery has all the charm and character of a simple farm shed and is a groovy spot for a brew or two (or three!). This brewery is new to the block, only opening in early 2020. With three signature brews that are very popular with the locals, a trip up to the brewery to knock back a few is highly recommended. Make sure you’ve got a designated driver or transport to get to and from your Accommodation Kingscliff NSW.

Where is all started

Earth Beer Company’s story started as an avocado farm that overlooked Mt Wollumbin. Combined that with an old tin shed, a vision to connect community and a passion for quality beer, and you have Earth Beer Co. This craft beer company believes in making time for the good things that life has to offer; is there anything better than a cool, crisp beer after a day at the beach?

Earth beer Co, Kingscliff
Photo credit: @earthbeercompany

Community is at the heart of it all

What’s more, Earth Beer Co keeps community at the heart of everything they do, making this brand extra special. They work with local suppliers, use local produce and employ the local community. Earth Beer Co believes in low impact brewing and packages all their beers as minimally as possible. They only distribute locally, which is why this brewery is a well-kept local’s secret.

Our Top Tip – The Avocado Kolsch

Set up on an avocado farm, of course Earth Beer Co has a beer made from avos – it would be rude not to. The Avocado Kolsch has a soft and wheat-y body, creamy avocado feel and hint of refreshing lime. It pairs perfectly with a few tacos on the side.

Earth Beer Co Tasting
Photo credit: @earthbeercompany

Make sure you book a tour

Join a brewery tour to hear the story of Earth Beer Co, plus you’ll get:

  • Tasting paddle
  • A taster of the latest seasonal release
  • 45-minute information session
  • Exclusive discount for the Earth Beer Co’s online store

Earth Beer Co’s tours are casual, informative and fun. Learn about their approach to brewing beer and the brewery, the history behind the old shed and how the team collaborate with local suppliers. These guys are open from 11am – 8pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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